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Name:♥ Sugar ♥ The Crimson Petal and the White
Birthdate:Jan 19
Location:London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Name: Sugar
Age: 19
Current Residence: London, England
Hair: Strawberry Blonde/Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Nicknames: Shush
Distinguishing marks: Scars
Schools: None
Occupation: Prostitute for wealthy men
Family: Mrs. Castaway
Relationship status: Single

Sugar is a vivacious, witty, determined 19-year-old girl living in the gritty, smelly London of 1875 where the only two real professions are businessman and businessmans' whore. Sugar is neither of the two, she is a independent soul (minus the fact that she works in her Mum's brothel) that craves a life of money and fame.

She wants something that will take her away from having to answer to her Mum, although she's her Mum's best asset, Sugar detests her. Her Mum forced her into the business of being a prostitute at the ripe age of 13, when she sent a man up to her bed and told Sugar he was there to keep her warm.

The rest is history.

Now a 19-year-old girl, Sugar is a self-educated woman, the envy of every whore in London because she is able to carry on heated discussions of Swift and Shakespeare while pleasuring a man - which the men love, by the way.

[Want a verse with Sugar? PM me and let me know!]
Sugar is a fictional character, who is not owned by me. The Crimson Petal and the White was written by Michel Faber, and all the rights belong to their respective owners. Gemma Ward/Miss Mosh do not belong to me either - unfortunately - and they belong to themselves. All content in this journal is intellectual property of me, please don't steal. Entries in this journal may contain adult themes, language, and sexual content. If you are not 18 or over, please don't read this journal. Both mun and muse are well over 18.

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